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Front of the Hand/Back of the Hand-- The Excitement and Fear of Creating a Website.

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Here we go!

I was told a long time ago fear and excitement are like the front and and back of the hand. The sensations these two feelings carry are the same, it just depends on which side of the hand you are looking at. For the most part it feels exciting to finally have a strong collection of my illustrations in front of the public, but I must admit there are days when it also feels rather scary! That's when I let myself go down the rabbit hole of judgement and comparison. But I will take the advice of my grandson who's rallying cry is often, "Nope-Not Today!" Today, as I launch this new website, I am excited by the prospect of a future filled with new projects, connections, and creativity.

What can I say? I love what I do and I invite you to follow me into a world filled with wonder as seen through my eyes and expressed in my illustrations. May my work bring you all nothing but joy and delight!

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